Crime Alerts

The University of Oregon sends out two types of alerts that satisfy Clery Act requirements to keep the campus informed about safety and security threats: "timely warnings" and "emergency notifications."

Timely Warnings (Campus Crime Alerts)

Timely Warnings, or Campus Crime Alerts, are sent to all students and employees through official email when the University learns of crimes occuring within its Clery geography (i.e., the area in and immediately adjacent to campus) that represent a serious and ongoing threat to campus community members.

Campus Crime Alerts will be issued only for certain types of crimes (called Clery crimes), including murder or non-negligent manslaughter, robbery, sexual assault, aggravated assault, burglary, motor vehicle theft, and arson; hate crimes, which have bias as the motivator for any of the previous crimes as well as theft, simple assault, intimidation, damage or destruction of property; or offenses including domestic or dating violence or stalking. If any of these reported situations represent a serious and ongoing threat to people on campus property, a Campus Crime Alert will be issued by email.

Campus Crime Alerts will not typically be sent for issues like disorderly conduct, graffiti or vandalism, simple assault, or crimes between people known to one another that do not threaten the population at large. Campus Crime Alerts are also generally not sent if an arrest or apprehension ends the serious and ongoing threat.

The content of a Campus Crime Alert generally consists of a brief summary of the incident, a physical description, whether the case is under investigation, resources, safety and prevention tips, and who to contact to report additional information. Campus Crime Alerts include information intended to inform the community, enable community members to protect themselves, provide prevention and safety tips, and aid in the prevention of similar crimes.

In instances where an incident has occurred which constitutes a serious or ongoing threat but is not a Clery crime and/or has not occurred within the University's Clery geography, UOPD will consider and evaluate these incidents on a case-by-case basis and may issue a UOPD Safety/Security Advisory. These types of notices, while not issued in compliance with the Clery Act, contain the same basic information as a Campus Crime Alert with a similar purpose of awareness and prevention. The security advisory notices are sent to all students and employees through official email.

Emergency Notifications

Emergency notifications are used to immediately notify the campus community upon the reliable report of a significant emergency or dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of students or employees

The University has developed a comprehensive emergency notification system that allows for the use of text messaging, emails, social media, website, UO homepage alerts, digital displays, and/or local media to immediately notify the campus community about such imminent threats.

How to Receive UO Alert Emails:

All “” email addresses are automatically subscribed to receive UO Alert messages. There is no option to unsubscribe.

How to Receive UO Alert Text Messages: Individuals with a campus identification number must subscribe to receive UO Alert text messages. Students, faculty or staff can follow the instructions below.

  1. Log into DuckWeb (
  2. Select the “Personal Information” menu
  3. Select the “Enter/Update Emergency Alert Phone” link
  4. Enter your text-enable mobile phone number, including area code. Hit “Submit”

Other Resources

Students, employees, and families seeking crime information for off-campus incidents should go to the Eugene Police Department's website. The University does not receive timely and accurate information for incidents that occur outside its campus patrol boundaries. As such, the University does not typically or regularly send notices for off-campus incidents. 

Information about on-campus and off-campus crime can also be found on the independent website aggregator

All timely warning notices (campus crime alerts) and emergency notifications are also posted to the UO Alerts Blog.

UO Alerts Blog