Student Travel Requirements

Clery Student Travel Reporting Form

The University of Oregon is required to disclose statistics for Clery crimes that occur in geographic areas that the University owns or controls, which includes university-sponsored overning trips.

To meet Clery Act requirements, faculty, staff and students must submit the Clery Student Travel Reporting Form for all overnight trips that meet the following criteria:

1. The trip is in support of, or relates to, the school’s educational purposes or the student’s academic pursuits

2. The school is paying for all or part of the lodging (this includes when a student pays for the lodging and is later reimbursed)

3. There is an agreement (e.g., reservations, contract) between the school and the lodging for the students to stay there.  For example, overnight trips at hotels, hostels, campgrounds with a registration requirement, and Airbnb rentals are all reportable. Study abroad travel and homestays are also generally reportable. But day trips, or overnight stays at private homes, are generally not reportable. 

How to report:

  • To report lodging for student travel, fill out the Clery Student Travel Reporting Form above, which will email the trip information to the University's Clery Compliance Officer.
  • To report lodging for multiple trips, please contact the Clery Coordinator,

Note: please do not report until the student trip has been confirmed.