Daily Crime Log

The Daily Crime Log lists all crimes reported to UOPD within the last 60 days.  The log is updated daily and includes the date and time the crime was reported, the date and time the crime occurred, the location of the crime, the nature of the crime, and the disposition of the complaint, if known.

The log is posted online (see below) and also available at the UOPD station, located at 2141 E 15th Avenue (accessed via the south building entrance on E 15th).

Previous crime logs are available upon request to UOPD, or to the Clery Coordinator at clery@uoregon.edu.

The University of Oregon Fire Marshal’s Office maintains a log of fire events that occur within student housing facilities at the following locations: University of Oregon (Eugene, Oregon), University of Oregon - Oregon Institute of Marine Biology (Charleston, Oregon), and University of Oregon - Pine Mountain Observatory (Bend, Oregon). The log is available upon request by contacting the University Fire Marshal’s Office at 541-346-3270 or emailing: uofm@uoregon.edu.

Please see our Crime Log Definitions for an explanation of included categories and dispositions.

Daily Crime Log